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The time is NOW!

Posted on April 3, 2017 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey everyone! 

First, let me start by saying Happy Spring!!  It is getting busier by the day in our office and our crews are out working harder than ever!  We are scheduling landscaping projects from mulch to hardscaping every day, so call NOW if you have any landscaping needs!  Many customers have different deadlines throughout the season, and Easter is generally the first big one so the time is NOW! 

Second, THANK YOU for once again voting Premier Best of Gloucester County for Lawn Care in 2016.  If you can believe it, voting for 2017 Best Of Gloucester County is open at so if you have a moment to vote, please consider Premier!  This is an awesome opportunity to recognize and vote for all of your favorite hard-working NJ businesses and vendors that you work with throughout the year.  It means the world to all of us to be recognized by our customers! 

Third, we will be out cutting grass shortly - so remember to return your 2017 lawn care agreements and be mindful of programming your sprinkler systems around your normal cut day this year.  (As always, if you aren't sure what day you are, you can always call the office!) 

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm(er) weather and I am looking forward to another great season!  Thanks for allowing us to continue serving your community and your properties!


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Best of Gloucester County voting is open!

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you know that Premier was voted "Best Lawn Care in Gloucester County" in 2015?  Thanks to all of our great customers who voted and got the word out!  It was such a privilege to win in 2015 - and we continue to work hard to maintain our reputation of being a hard-working, trustworthy and affordable lawn care company; so thank you to everyone who has voted, both past and present.  It means the world to our family owned & operated company!

Voting for "Best of Gloucester County 2016" is now open and you can vote until 3pm on April 29th!  If you think Premier deserves another win, please vote!!  Here is the link:

The lawn care category can be found in section 10 - and Premier is based out of Mount Royal!!

Spring 2016 is in full bloom!  The phones are ringing, the crews are all working (extremely) hard, and the grass is growing quickly!  Premier is currently scheduling a few weeks out for landscaping projects - so if you have an event or deaadline of any kind, please call now to get on the schedule!! 

A quick reminder to those of you who are having your sprinkler systems activated, to program them around your regular cut-day!  This will help Premier to better maintain your lawn and avoid having to cut it while it is still wet from being watered, which causes unnecessary stress on your turf.  If you aren't sure what your regular cut day is, feel free to email/text us and we can let you know.  Easy-Peasy!  :D8)

As always...thank you for being such great customers!!

~~Amanda & Artie~~


Wow! What a busy Spring!

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

What AMAZING customers we have!  We've had an overwhelming response to our advertisements this year, the phones are ringing crazy and we LOVE it!  We are busy, busy, busy and are currently scheduling mulch, clean-ups and landscaping projects about 10-14 days out - so make sure to call NOW if you are looking for these types of services!  We are finally back to cutting grass, too - making lawns shine with our signature diamond cuts!  (It's a work of art, you know!) 

Many of you are getting your sprinkler systems turned on for the season - remember to have them programmed around your normal "cut day" - if you don't know what yours is, feel free to call/text me and I will let you know!  Programming your system around your scheduled cuts will allow for better cuts and less stress on your turf. 

Check back for updates, offers and seasonal tips!   

Thanks again to all of you!  You're the best!


A new season is upon us!

Posted on March 16, 2015 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Finally!  The 2015 season is upon us!  We have been waiting patiently through the snow :)  Premier is currently pounding the pavement to reach our customer base with our flyers, talking to as many people as possible via phone, email, social media and our website, and are out doing estimates almost daily!  It is a busy but fun time of year for us! 

Have you seen our 2015 promotions?  We are offering up to 10% off for pre-payment, discounts for refferals and Facebook likes, auto-pay discounts and incentives for new fertilizer customers!  As competetive as our prices already are...the discounts are just that much better! 


Contracts went out in the mail last week so check your mailboxes or sift through that pile of paperwork on your desk!  If you have any questions about your services or your contract, don't hesitate to call me in the office.  Each contract has a lawn & a fertilizer price on it - this is something we do to help streamline the contract process and to inform every customer of their prce without having to call, wait for us to come out and estimate their cost, etc.  It is meant to make it easier for the customer, but it is NOT an obligation!  Please sign & return the contracts as soon as possible!


Check back to the blog for updates and answers to common questions throughout the season!


Thanks to our AMAZING customers for allowing us to do what we love!